Diet By Your Blood Type

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Diet By Your Blood Type

Diet By Your Blood Type

Today we will talk about Diet By Blood Type

Sure you see or read before how is your blood type effect the food you eat

and you read if you are O type the your body need meat

and many diet plans build on blood type

maybe you think it is new and will change everything

and you will understand your body

and understand what your body needs

but i will tell you it is old it is from 60s

so it is not new and will not change anything because it didn’t change anything from 60s

it is easy to tell you what you should eat and what you shouldn’t eat according to your blood type

but you really waste your time you have give your time to the important thing

that really will help you

like counting your calories and how many grams of protein your body needs

just think about it did you ever saw a bodybuilding player who doesn’t eat chicken

because his blood type is O ?

Diet By Blood Type And Your Body

it doesn’t affect if your body needs 30 grams of protein your body will not care about the source

and here i talk about normal people because some can’t drink milk for example

so your body behave with food and sources of protein and carbohydrates and minerals and fats

maybe you like meet or chicken or seeds whatever it is your choice not about blood type

not all blood type O around the world eat beef because just they are O type

there is many O type doesn’t eat beef

for example i’m O type and when i read about Diet By Blood Type i felt excited

because it true for me and i thought it is right but when i ask my mother

and she is O type too and she is totally different so Istart to think about it and read and even try

i found it is nothing it is just about what you prefer and your stomach prefer

Diet By Your Blood Type
Diet By Your Blood Type


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