Keto 5 Days A Week

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Keto 5 Days A Week

Can I Do Keto 5 Days A Week

I Tell you If you can do Keto 5 Days A Week or not

Bofer I Answer You Let Me Telling You About Keto Diet

The Ketogenic Diet is low-carb and high-fat and low carb means very low it is just under 50 grams of carbs per day

Keto 5 Days A Week


So when you follow a keto diet you eat less than 50 grams of carbs per day only so when you eat very low carb like that

your body burn fats for energy instead of carb ( glucose or blood sugar ) and this case known as ketosis

And belive me it is very hard to be in ketosis

while you are in ketosis, your body starts to use ketones it is the byproducts of fats that breakdown produced by your liver

Many people are saying you can do Cyclical Ketogenic but even if you search in PMC

You will find nothing about Cyclical Ketogenic diet because if you cycle it then it is not keto diet anymore

if you do a keto diet for 5 days and your body start to be in ketosis then you eat carb for 2 days

you will start from the begnning again specially your body takes time to be in ketosis

then it means maybe you will be in ketosis for 2 days and that is not the target from the diet

so be smart and choose th diet that make you comfortable and you can do it easy

for me Ketogenic diet it is not a good diet and I don’t like it I just tried once and it was very hard

and i dont think it is healthy because it is full of fats diet

so work smarter not harder to reach your goal

so the answer is NO you can’t do keto 5 days a week

because it will not be a keto diet anymore


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