Leg Workout

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Leg Workout

Leg Workout From A To Z

Leg Workout

Today We Will Talk About The Most Important Workout You Should Do

I Tell You Why

It Will Boosts Your Testosterone Hormone

( For Men )

Legs have the biggest group of the muscles in your body so if you skip leg day you are

holding all your body gains because leg day is the most anabolic day of all days in the gym

We all now that when you do the training you get an increase to your Testosterone while the training

and we all know the higher intensity of that exercise the greater in the response in testosterone

and we know the more lactic acid we produce during the workout the more impact on the increase in testosterone

So workout in general increase the testosterone while the exercise or after the exercise when your body doing recovery

But when you do high intensity exercise like leg you really boost the testosterone and it will back to all your body

you will not only gain leg muscles you will increase all your body

check here if you dont know what Testosterone

Why Legs

Leg Workout
Leg Workout

Look at this exercise it is squat and it is leg exercise not just training leg you use all your body to do it so it is very effective and will help you to have strong body not just strong legs

Here is bieceps exercise whatever you add more weights it still low-intensity exercise because bieceps small muscles sure it is important exercise but here we talk about high or low-intensity

Leg workout can burn more fats

As we just said leg workout is high-intensity exercise that means more burned calories

and that means more time to recovery and all of this will make your body need more calories

then you will burn more fats and you can lose more weight specaially you increase testosterone too


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